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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1918?

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The keel of HMS Hermes is laid on Tyneside, the first purpose-designed vessel of this type to laid down.15th January
The Representation of the People Act gives women over this age the vote, as long as they are or are married to a local government elector.6th February
Chung Ling Soo, an American magician, dies when his magic trick of catching two separate bullets goes wrong, with one perforating this organ.23rd March
The Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service to form this military body.1st April
This comedian and writer, well known for creating and starring in The Goon Show, and for his comical verse, is born.16th April
A raid on this Belgian port attempts to seal off the German U-boat base there.23rd April
Ration books are introduced for these dairy items (name either).15th July
The Education Act raises the school leaving age in England and Wales to this age.August
British anti-Bolshevik forces occupy this northern Russian city.1st August
20000 of these London emergency service workers go on strike with demands of increased pay and union recognition.30th August
2200 people die in London due to this disease.27th October-2nd November
An armistice is signed with this enemy country in Padua, Italy.3rd November
This wartime poet, whose shocking and realistic poetry was in stark contrast with the patriotic verse of the time, dies in action.4th November
This battleship is sunk by a German submarine off Trafalgar, the last major naval engagement of the First World War.9th November
This war ends. (If this answer is not 100% guessed, well...)11th November
This political party leaves the wartime coalition.14th November
U-boats start to rendezvous off this Essex port to begin the surrender of the High Seas Fleet to the Royal Navy.20th November
British military government of this Middle Eastern region begins.23rd November
Light cruiser HMS Cassandra sunk by mine in this arm of the Baltic Sea while assisting Estonia against the Bolsheviks.5th December
The first General Election in which women can vote is held, and is won by a coalition by David Lloyd-George and this Conservative leader, who would later become Prime Minister.14th December
This Sunday newspaper is published for the first time.29th December

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