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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1916?

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The last British troops are evacuated from this Turkish peninsula as the Ottoman Empire prevails over the joint British-French operation to capture Istanbul.9th January
The Military Service Act introduces this compulsory military enlistment.24th January
The third war budget raises this tax to five shillings in the pound.4th March
This author, writer of the Lord of the Rings series, marries Edith Bratt in Warwick.22nd March
A munitions factory explosion in this North Kent town kills 106.2nd April
Members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood proclaim an Irish Republic in this Irish rebellion.24th-30th April
This annual temporal adjustment is introduced.21st May
This naval battle is fought between the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet in the North Sea, the only large-scale clash of battleships in WWI.31st May-1st June
This senior British Army officer, famed for his imperial campaigns and for his role in WWI, including his notable recruitment campaign, dies after his ship hits a mine and sinks.5th June
This molecular biologist, famous for co-discovering the structure of DNA, is born.8th June
This battle begins, with 57,470 British Empire casualties on the 1st day; it would become one of the bloodiest battles ever fought, with an eventual death toll of over one million.1st July
This actor, notable for the role of Stan Butler in On the Buses, is born.11th July
This musical comedy, directed by and starring Oscar Asche, premières in London. It will run for 5 years and 2,238 performances, a record that stands for nearly 40 years.3rd August
This author, who is regarded as one of the greatest British writers, notable for works such as James and the Giant Peach, is born.13th September
Herbert Henry Asquith resigns as Prime Minister, and is replaced by this man.7th December
This biplane fighter aircraft, introduced into WWI in 1917, and flown by both Biggles and Snoopy, makes its maiden flight at Brooklands.22nd December
The National Library of Wales in this Welsh town is brought into use.Undated
This classical composer completes ''The Planets'', Opus 32.Undated

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