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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1915?

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German zeppelins bomb King's Lynn and this Norfolk coastal resort for the first time.19th January
HMS Queen Elizabeth is commissioned as the Royal Navy's first battleship powered by this fuel.January
This footballer, who spent his entire career with Stoke City and Blackpool, and was the oldest ever to play in England's top division and for the national side, is born.1st February
This component is required in British passports for the first time.1st February
This actor, comedian and singer-songwriter, known for a series of comedy films produced between 1953 and 1966, featuring his own hapless character, is born.4th February
Britain, France and the Russian Empire agree to give this Turkish city to Russia in the case of victory (later nullified by the Bolshevik Revolution).14th March
The last FA Cup until the war is over is won by this South Yorkshire side, beating Chelsea 3-0.24th April
This ocean liner is sunk by a German U-boat off the southwestern coast of Ireland en route from New York to Liverpool, killing 1198 civilians.7th May
This community-based organisation for women is founded.16th June
This astronomer, noted for the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis and for coining the term ''Big Bang'', despite rejecting the theory itself, is born.24th June
The British Army tests ''Little Willie'', the prototype of this military vehicle.6th September
Cecil Chubb acquires this Wiltshire attraction for £6600.21st September
This weapon is used by the British Army for the first time in the Battle of Loos.25th September-14th October
Women are recruited as conductors of this public transport.20th October
This cricketer, widely regarded as one of the greatest ever players, and credited with inventing modern batsmanship, dies.23rd October
Mary Barbour leads rent strikes in this Scottish city, forcing the Government to introduce legislation restricting rents to pre-war levels.27th November
This John Buchan novel, the first of five to feature all-action hero Richard Hannay, is published.Undated

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