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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1912?

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This spy, who worked as a double agent for British intelligence before defecting to the Soviet Union, and was later discovered to be part of the Cambridge Five, is born.1st January
Robert Falcon Scott reaches the South Pole, only to find that this man has beaten him to it.17th January
Lawrence Oates, a member of Scott's exploration party, leaves the tent with these last words, ''I am just going outside and ____ ____ ____ ____.''16th March
Minimum wage is introduced for these labourers after a national strike.19th March
This bill, proposing Ireland be allowed to govern itself, is introduced in the House of Commons, but fails to recieve the support of the House of Lords.11th April
This ocean liner sinks after hitting an iceberg on her maiden voyage from the UK to the US.14-15th April
This writer, famous for the novel Dracula, dies.20th April
Denys Corbett Wilson completes the first aeroplane crossing of this British body of water.22nd April
Great Britain and Ireland compete at the Summer Olympics held in this city, winning 41 medals, 10 gold.5th May-22nd July
This politician, famous for his ''Rivers of Blood'' speech, a controversial piece on immigration, is born.16th June
This mathematician, cryptoanalyst and computer scientist, widely considered the father of artificial intelligence, is born.23rd June
This act comes into force, introducing this system of contributions by workers and employees towards various state benefits.27th July
This man, known for the foundation of the Salvation Army, dies.20th August
This Norfolk city suffers significant flooding.27th August
This tradition involving extensive lighting of the Promenade in a Lancashire town begins.September
This association, which is responsible for age certification of films in the UK, is founded.5th November
These fossilised remains of a previously unknown form of early human are presented to the Geological Society of London. It is later revealed to be a hoax.18th December
This glucose-containing energy drink is first manufactured in its early form.Undated

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