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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1908?

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This actor, famous for portraying the first incarnation of Doctor Who, is born.8th January
This man's book ''Scouting for Boys'' begins publication.22nd January
This volunteer active-duty reservist force of the British Army is founded.1st April
Henry Campbell-Bannerman resigns as Prime Minister, and is replaced by this man.7th April
This north-west English football club wins the first of many First Division titles.18th April
Great Britain and Ireland compete at the Summer Olympics held in this city, winning 146 medals (56 gold).27th April-31st October
The foundation stone of this Liverpudlian building is laid.11th May
This author, famous for the James Bond series, is born.28th May
The Irish Universities Act receives Royal Assent, providing for establishment of this Northern Irish university.31st July
Edith Morley becomes the first woman appointed to a chair at an English university when she is made Professor of English at this Berkshire university.October
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson is the first woman to be elected to this municipal office, in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.14th November
This agricultural workers' union is formed.10th December
This popular brand of gravy powder is first marketed.Undated
This Kenneth Grahame novel, featuring four anthropomorphised animal characters in a pastoral version of England, is first published.Undated
This spiced fruit flavoured soft drink, associated with the Purple Ronnie mascot, is invented by John Joel Nichols.Undated

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