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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1907?

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24 men and crew are lost when the steamship Pengwern founders in this sea.13th January
This footballer, who holds the record for most goals scored in a single league season in England, is born.22nd January
The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III, an example of this type of firearm, is officially introduced into British military service.26th January
An epidemic of this disease, which causes swelling on the brain, sparks alarm in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast.5th February
This poet, author of works such as ''Funeral Blues'' and ''The Unknown Citizen'', is born.21st February
This famous criminal court, known after the street it stands upon, opens in London.27th February
Taxis in London begin operating with this device, designed to calculate fares based on distance travelled.22nd March
This actor and director, famous for Shakespearian roles including Hamlet (for which he won two Oscars), and founding artistic director of the National Theatre Company, is born.22nd May
Colin Blythe takes 17 wickets for 48 runs in one day for this county against Northamptonshire, the best analysis ever recorded for a county cricket match.1st June
This man, credited with the invention of the turbojet, is born.1st June
This, the world's first motor racing track, opens in Weybridge, Surrey.17th June
Guardians of these Irish royal items notice they have been stolen.6th July
Sir Arthur Nicolson and Count Alexander Izvolsky sign an Anglo-Russian agreement, thus establishing (along with France) this alliance.31st August
This famous passenger liner, briefly the world's biggest ship, sets sail on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York.7th September
This Oceanian nation is granted dominion status.9th September
Nulli Secundus, the UK's first powered vehicle of this type, makes her first flight.10th September
This author's novel The Secret Agent is pubished.September
A train suffers derailment passing through this Shropshire town's station at excessive speed.15th October
This woman becomes the first to recieve the Order of Merit, for her nursing work during the Crimean War.29th November
This author, famous for (amongst others) The Jungle Book, recieves the Nobel Prize in Literature.10th December

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