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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1904?

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As cars are licensed for the first time, this identification component is introduced.1st January
This actor is born, regarded as one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men and star of films such as Bringing Up Baby and The Philadelphia Story.18th January
Britain's first surface electric trains begin running from this northwestern English city to Southport.12th March
80,000 demonstrators gather in this London park to protest the importation of Chinese labourers to South Africa by the British government.26th March
The UK and France sign this agreement, forming the basis of the alliance in WWI.8th April
Frederick Henry ____ meets Charles Stewart ____ to discuss the agreement that led to the formation of this luxury car maker and later aeronautical parts manufacturer.4th May
Lord Meath introduces this day celebrating the (now former) British Empire.24th May
This comedian and musician is born, famous for songs such as 'When I'm Cleaning Windows' and 'Leaning on a Lamp Post', and for his catchphrase, 'It's turned out nice again!'.26th May
This orchestra, notable for (amongst many things) recording the score for the original Star Wars, performs for its first concert.9th June
Great Britain and Ireland compete overseas at the 1904 Summer Olympics in this city, winning 1 gold and 1 silver medal.1st July-23rd November
Colonel Francis Younghusband commands a British expedition that takes this Tibetan city.3rd August
John Strutt wins the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of this noble gas.10th December
This play, based upon the book by J. M. Barrie, premières in London.27th December
This football ground, home to Queens Park Rangers, opens.Undated
Herbert Henry Beerbohm establishes what will become this prestigious performing arts school in London.Undated

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