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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1900?

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An outbreak of this disease occurs in London.9th January
This leading English art critic, social thinker and philanthropist dies.20th January
The UK and US signed a treaty for the building of a Central American shipping canal through this country.5th February
Ramsay MacDonald is appointed secretary of this newly formed political party.27th February
An anarchist shoots at The Prince of Wales during his visit to this European country for the birthday celebrations of the King.4th April
This national newspaper is published for the first time.24th April
Great Britain and Ireland compete at the Olympics in this city, winning 30 medals, 15 of them gold.14th May-28th October
The UK proclaims a protectorate over this Pacific island nation.18th May
This comedian, famous for his catchphrase, ''Before your very eyes'', is born.6th June
Bernard Bosanquet bowls the first delivery of this type in first-class cricket.19th-21st July
Mines (Prohibition of Child Labour Underground) Act prohibits children under this age from working in mines.30th July
This royal figure is born, notable for marrying future king George VI.4th August
Great Britain loses to the United States in the inaugural final of this tennis competition.8th August
An international contingent of troops, under British command, invades this Chinese city and frees the Europeans taken hostage.14th August
This current Premier League club moves into The Hawthorns.3rd September
The UK annexes Transvaal as part of this war.25th October
This Irish* author and playwright, whose works include ''The Importance of Being Earnest'', dies.30th November
This future prime minister is elected MP for Oldham.3rd December
Beer Scare: beer drinkers in North West England suffer poisoning from this chemical element in brewing sugars.Undated
William Harbutt begins commercial production of this popular modelling clay.Undated

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