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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1947?

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This politician, the Minister for Fuel and Power, is made into a scapegoat for the problems caused by the severe winter during the first quarter of the year.January-March
British coins cease to contain any of this precious metal.2nd January
The Minister for Food, John Strachan, announces a £25 million scheme to cultivate tracts of this southern African country with peanuts.5th February
Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of this Asian country, is appointed the last Viceroy of India.20th February
Ealing Studios release this film, considered the first of the Ealing comedies.February
The school leaving age is raised to this age.1st April
This private healthcare firm is founded.3rd April
This radio show, in which amateur horticulturalists put questions to a panel of experts, is first broadcast.9th April
The Royal Navy sets off 6,800 tonnes of surplus ammunition, the biggest non-nuclear single explosive detonation in history, in an attempt to destroy this German island group.18th April
This measure of inflation, which uses the change in cost of a basket of goods and services as an inflationary marker, is introduced.June
This Asian country gains independence from the UK, remaining a Dominion.14th August
GLEEP (the Graphite Low Energy Experimental Pile), an experimental nuclear reactor and the first in Western Europe, runs for the first time at this Oxfordshire based laboratory.15th August
This Scottish city hosts its first International Film Festival; it will become the world's oldest continually running film festival.24th August
This university votes to allow women to become full students.September
This future Prime Minister is appointed President of the Board of Trade at just 31 years old, the youngest member of the Cabinet this century.29th September
Tommy Lawton becomes Britain's first £20,000 footballer when he moves from this London club to Notts County.18th November
These two royal figures marry at Westminster Abbey.20th November
This Oceanic nation ratifies the Statute of Westminster and thus becomes independent of legislative control from the UK.25th November
Cecil Frank Powell discovers this subatomic particle at the University of Bristol. (Maybe he measured its mass as 3.14...)Undated
An epidemic of this disease, most commonly associated with paralysis of the legs, occurs.Undated

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