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March 1947President Truman unveiled this US policy aimed at controlling/preventing the spread of Communism.
June 1947As part of the Truman Doctrine, this program is enacted, with the US sending economic aid to Western European countries after WWII.
September 1947Joseph Stalin created this organisation to act as a forum for the fledgling Eastern Bloc.
January 1948This was the Soviet equivalent of the US' economic aid plan for the Eastern Bloc countries.
February 1948The Soviet Union staged a brutal coup d'├ętat in this country, the only in the Eastern Bloc that had been allowed to retain democratic structures.
June 1948Stalin instigated this prevention of delivery of supplies to West Berlin.
April 1949This organisation was formed by several western European countries and the US and Canada.
April 1949This sovereign nation was formed from the merging of the UK, US and French occupation zones of Germany.
October 1949This man becomes leader of the newly formed People's Republic of China.
June 1950This war broke out after the North, led by Kim Il Sung, invaded the South.
January 1953This man succeeded Harry Truman as President of the USA.
September 1953This man succeeded Joseph Stalin as leader of the Soviet Union.
May 1955This military alliance was formed between the Eastern Bloc countries.
October 1956A revolution in this country, led by Imre Nagy, was brutally crushed by the Soviet army.
October 1956The invasion of Egypt by British, French and Israeli forces sparked this event.
October 1957The launch of this satellite by the Soviets started the Space Race.
April 1961The failure of this invasion of Cuba was a public humiliation for the United States.
August 1961This structure was erected, shutting off free movement between the West and East sections of Berlin.
September 1961This group of countries was established as a protest by countries wishing to be associated with neither the US nor the USSR.
October 1962This crisis came about after Fidel Castro allowed Soviet installation of nuclear armaments in the country under his leadership.
1971This term was used to describe the relaxing of tensions between the US and Soviet Union.
May 1972This treaty was signed between the US and USSR, agreeing to limit the number of missiles each side had.
August 1973The US ended it's military involvement in this war, where it had supported the South against Ho Chi Minh's North.
October 1973The support given to Israel by the US in this war against Egypt caused the 1973 oil crisis.
December 1979Soviet forces entered this country to aid the pro-Marxist regime against the mujahideen rebels.
August 1980This Polish trade union was formed under the leadership of Lech Walesa.
November 1982This girl, after writing a letter to Yuri Andropov expressing her fears of nuclear war, visited the USSR, and was known as 'America's Youngest Ambassador'.
September 1983The Soviet Union shot down an airplane belonging to this airline company, killing everybody on board.
November 1983This NATO exercise carried out across Western Europe simulated conflict escalation leading to a nuclear strike.
June 1987This policy, Russian for restructuring, was implemented by Gorbachev to reform the ecomony of the Soviet Union.
June 1987This policy, Russian for openness, relaxed censorship and allowed greater freedom of press.
June 1987This US president called on Gorbachev to, ''Tear down this wall!''.
March 1990This country became the first to declare independence from the USSR.
October 1990This man became the first chancellor of the reunited Germany.

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