'S' Units of Measurement

Can you name the units of measurement that begin with 's'?

A non metric unit of sound absorption used in acoustic engineering; one unit is defined as the sound absorption of one square foot of a perfectly absorbing surface.
A traditional unit of volume or weight, equal to either 3 bushels (typically), or varying amounts of commodity e.g 364 pounds of wool, 215 pounds of salt etc.
A unit of volume for wine, equal to 9 litres.
A unit of time used in astronomy for the prediction of eclipses; equal to exactly 223 lunar months.
A measure of the brightness of a colour.
A measure of the resolution of a map i.e. how much detail the map contains compared to the area covered by the map.
An informal unit of volume, usually equal to around 400 millilitres, although this varies in some Australian states.
A unit of quantity equal to 20.
A unit measuring the concentration of capsaicin in peppers i.e. how 'hot' the pepper is
A traditional unit of volume, equal to 8 bushels.
A unit of time, equal meteorologically to a period of around 3 months, or used in sports to define the time when games are played.
The SI unit of time, or a measure of angle.
A unit of time, originally equal to 6 months, but now taken as a division of an academic year.
A unit of relative time in music, equal to 1/16 of a whole note.
A unit of quantity equal to 7.
A unit of quantity equal to 6.
A unit of information content; if a message has probability p of being received, then its information content is -log2(p*[unit]).
A traditional measure for grain; defined as a bundle of stalks having a standard size, typically 30-36 inches in circumference.
A unit of time corresponding to the amount of time one has to be at work.
A unit of volume for alcohol, generally equal to 1.5 fluid ounces in the US.
A unit of time used in astronomy, equal to the period of time in which the earth makes one rotation relative to the stars.
The SI unit of electrical conductance.
An SI unit for measuring the effective or equivalent dose of radiation recieved by a livng organism.
An astrological unit of angle measure, equal to 1/12 of a circle, or 30 degrees.
A unit used to measure a coil of yarn or cord; no official definition exists in retail.
A unit of mass in the English foot-pound-second system;defined as the mass accelerated at 1 foot per second per second by a force of 1 pound.
A unit of material used in cooking, a very small amount; until recently it had no actual definition, but recently has become equivalent to 1/32 of a teaspoon
A humourous unit of distance, invented by a fraternity at MIT, who used a pledge student to measure the length of Harvard Bridge; equal to 67 inches.
A ratio used to quantify the quality of a person's eyesight.
A traditional unit of length equal to 9 inches; defined as the distance between the ends of a person's thumb and little finger with fingers splayed as far as possible.
A unit of angular momentum used in particle physics; defined as Planck's constant h divided by 2pi, or approximately 105.457 27 x 10-36 joule second.
The SI unit of area, equal to approx. 10.76391 square feet.
A unit of area, equal to 640 acres.
A traditional unit of volume used in Britain for coal and firewood, equal to 4 cubic yards.
A mathematical unit used to describe the 'spread' of a set of data; how far away on average each datum is from the mean.
A unit of volume, equal to 1/2 a litre; a traditional drinking vessel in Germany.
A traditional unit of distance, equal to 1/2 a pace.
The unit of solid angle in mathematics and physics.
A measure of the 'speed' of a green in golf.
A CGS unit of kinematic viscosity; a measurement of a fluid's resistance to flow, but independently of its density.
A traditional unit of weight, equal to 14 pounds.
An informal unit of distance equal to the average distance between floors of a building.
A measure of how well lotions protect a user from sunburn.

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