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Can you name the units of measurement that begin with 'r'?

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A metric unit used to measure radiation dose, equivalent to a dose of 0.01 joules of energy per kilogram of mass.
A unit of angle, based around the number pi.
A scale of absolute temperature.
A CGS unit of light intensity used in astronomy, represented as the light intensity of one million photons of light emitted in all directions per square centimeter of receiver per
A unit of quantity, used to state amounts of paper.
A unit of relative distance used in astronomy to express the speed distant objects are moving away from the Earth.
A unit of volume for wine, equal to 4.5 litres.
A unit used to measure the effective dose of radiation recieved by a living organism.
A unit of angle, equal to a full circle.
A US state, that has long served as an infomal measure of area when comparing large areas such as icebergs, forests etc.
A scale for measuring the intesnity of earthquakes.
A unit of angle, equal to 90 degrees.
A traditional unit of distance equal to 5.5 yards.
A non-metric unit used to measure the ionising effect of radiation (how well it strips electrons from atoms).
A traditional unit of area, equal to 1/4 of an acre.

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