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Can you name the units of measurement that begin with 'n' and 'o'?

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An old English unit of length, used in the measurement of cloth; equal to 1/20 of an ell, or 1/16 of a yard.
A unit of length, equal to 10-9 metres.
A unit of length used at sea, defined as the average distance on the Earth's surface represented by one minute of latitude; in reality it is set at exactly 1852 metres.
A unit of volume for wine, equal to 20 litres.
An informal unit of distance used to measure the distance one horse leads another at the end of a race.
The SI unit of force.
The SI unit of torque.
A unit of information, equal to 1/2 byte.
A unit of quantity equal to 9.
The basic unit of relative time in music, equal to 1/2a breve.
A unit used in music, to describe the ratio in frequency between notes.
A unit of quantity equal to 8.
The CGS unit of magnetic flux density.
The SI unit of electrical resistance.
A unit of proportion used in meteorology to describe the fraction of the sky covered by clouds.
An imperial unit of mass.

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