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Can you name the units of measurement that begin with 'k' or 'l?

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A measure of proportion used to indicate the purity of gold.
A unit of catalytic activity used particularly when measuring the chemical activity of enzymes.
A unit of volume equal to 1/2 a barrel (in the case of beer).
The SI unit of temperature.
The SI unit of mass.
A unit of length, equal to 0.621 miles.
A unit of nautical velocity equal to 1 nautical mile per hour.
A CGS unit of luminence, equal to 3183.099 candelas per square metre.
A CGS unit of heat transmission, equal to 1 thermochemical calorie per square metre.
An informal unit of distance used in athletics, swimming and auto racing.
A traditional unit of distance, generally taken to be 3 miles; it was intended as a representation of the distance a person could walk in an hour.
A unit of time equal to 366 days.
An informal unit of distance used either in horse and boat racing to define the distance between competitors, or in swimming to denote the distance between the two ends of a pool.
A measure used in pharmacology to express the percentage of a population killed by a dose of the substance being studied.
A unit of distance used in astronomy, equal to exactly 9,460,730,472,580.8 kilometres
A unit of area used in printing and advertising, equal to 1/14 of an inch multiplied by the width of the print.
A unit of distance used in surveying, equal to 0.01 chain.
A unit of volume.
A traditional British unit, equal to 2240 pounds.
The SI unit for measuring the flux of light recieved by a surface or produced by a light source.
A unit of time equal to 24 hours and 50 minutes, used in tidal predictions.
A unit representing the average length between the Earth and the Moon, used to measure how close asteroids pass to Earth.
The SI unit for measuring the illumination of a surface.

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