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Can you name the words by inputting the elements that are represented by the symbols that make up the word described ?

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Sharp or acidic, in words or in taste. [A]
Wages war with, fights; the events when two opposing armies meet. [B]
Shape with a flat bottom and a rounded side tapering to a point. [C]
An electrical generator, usually by rotation e.g. on a bicycle. [D]
Deletes, rubs out. [E]
Retrieves, gets for someone. [F]
Vague, non-specific; army rank above a brigadier. [G]
An aircraft that uses rotors to achieve flight, as opposed to wings. [H]
A floating mass of solid water. [I]
A flying toy on a string, designed to be flown in the wind; a predatory bird. [K]
What you cut the grass with. [L]
The scale used to determine the hardness of minerals. [M]
Someone who has an erotic attraction to or sexual contact with corpses. [N]
Relating or pertaining to the eyes. [O]
Diseases that cause pustules which leave pockmarks when they heal. [P]
To burst or explode, or the result of said bursting. [R]
A slight hitch or obstacle; to catch on something e.g. a thorn. [S]
(Of meat) Soft; (Of flesh) sore. [T]
Characterised by complete agreement e.g. a decision [U]
A person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in return for homage and allegiance. [V]
To pull or tug strongly; a spanner with adjustable jaws [W]
Warrior Princess played by Lucy Lawless [X]
A species of evergreen tree, with tall stout stems and terminal clusters of white flowers, native to arid regions of North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. [Y]
A town in Poland, the administrative seat and largest town in its selfsame titled county.* [Z]

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