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Can you identify the playable factions in Morrowind by these strange requests you are given?

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Forced Order
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Which factions asks you to...Faction
...drown yourself, find a shirt made of hair, banish a pilgrim, kill a necromancer?
...impersonate a dead guy, get naked, campaign against illiteracy, kill some rats?
...escort a pilgrim, kill some crabs, challenge the leader to a duel?
...escort a woman who can walk on water, steal a weapon from a ghost, buy a slave bride?
...collect scrap metal, steal a book, break a guy out of prison, give people things they already own while wearing special gloves?
...collect plants, beg for money from total strangers, kill some rats, kill a witch?
...collect golden eggs, deliver alcohol to miners, kill some rats, kill some necromancers?
...collect scrap metal, win a poetry contest, kill a necromancer, challenge the leader to a duel?
...steal a book, put it back, kill a necromancer, challenge the leader to a duel?
...collect soap, find a weapon that smells like yams, challenge the leader to a duel?
...collect bones for a necromancer, give a guy a poetry book, smack a robot's heart with a hammer while wearing a special glove?
...collect 26 magical things spread across the entire island without being given any clues as to where any of them are?

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