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I, with the help of saliva, grind up food and turn it into a 'bolus.' 
I'm broken up into 3 parts: Duodenum, Jejunum, Ileum 
I'm a muscular tube that is connected to the mouth and stomach. 
I am 'J-Shaped' and turn food into 'chyme.' 
I turn waste into feces. 
I produce bile. 
I produce hormones that control the rate at which cells burn fuels from food to produce energy. 
I secrete endorphins, chemicals that act on the nervous system to reduce sensitivity to pain. I am divided into 2 parts. 
I secrete hormones called androgens. These hormones regulate body changes associated with sexual development, including enlargement of the penis.  
I produce eggs (also called ova). 
Each day, I take about 23,000 breaths, which bring almost 10,000 quarts of air to me. 
I produce and store seminal fluid. I'm only in males of course, haha. 
I'm about the size of your fist. I have four chambers. 
I'm the control center for virtually everything in your body. 
Do you see what I see? 
I consist of 24 in 12 pairs, one pair is floating. 
My tip is called the 'Xiphoid Process' 
If I was on a pirate ship's flag, I will be seen along with crossbones. 
I'm connected to the scapula and radius & ulna bones. 
I transmit sound vibrations from the malleus to the stapes. 
I'm the muscle that flexes the elbow. 
I'm the largest muscle in your buttocks. I'm 1 of 3. 
I stretch from the pelvis to the thorax. 
I'm the four-headed muscle of the femur. 

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