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Can you name the these famous mathematicians by hint?

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proofed the infnity of primesGreek
principles of theoretical computing and cryptanalysisEnglish
founder of analytic geometryFrench
pioneer of mathmatical analysis, universal genius, also very renowned in physicsEnglish
Seven Bridges of Königsberg, a special constant is named after himSwiss
invented the more special type of integralGerman
important priciples of complex analysis, a special type of sequences named after himFrench
defined the axioms of probability theory resp. probability measuresRussian
founder of set theoryGerman
a group of theorems about right triangles named after himGreek
experiments with indepentend and equal probable events named after himFrench
groups following the law of commutativity are named after himNorwegian
a sequence of numbers, recursivly adding up itself is named after himItalian
one of the founders of infinitesimal calculusGerman
invented the Simplex-AlgorithmUS
his last theorem could not be proven during his life timeFrench
bell shaped denstity function named after himGerman
algorithm for shortest path problemsDutch
formula for describing interpolating polynomsItalian/French
founder of maximum likelihood theoryEnglish

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