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Can you name the Majikoi (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!) characters ?

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The genius tacticion
The God of martial arts
The beloved mascot
The archer with 100% accuracy
The shy swordswoman
The noble transfer student
The lovable muscleman
The adventurous leader
The otaku gamer
The beautiful girl everyone can aim for
The manly tsundere
The popcorn-producing helper robot
The self-proclaimed King of commoners
The relentlessly loyal maid
The otaku who despises everything 3D
The bald lolicon
The whipping teacher of 2-F
The middle-aged freelancer
The overbearing dad
The innocent loli from 2-F
The strange girl of 2-S
The German hare hunter
The proud noble donning a Kimono
The smooth, handsome rich boy
The odd ganguro girl of 2-F
The large gourmet of Kawakami
The Emperor of virgins
The former assistant master
The current assistant master
The rich white-haired warrior

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