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Name the Marvel teen heroes based on their power(s)!

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Power(s)Hero Name
Originally had no powers; later acquired peak human strength, speed, agility, and endurance
Magic user: reality warping, telekinesis, teleportation, energy projection, etc
Mixed-race alien shapeshifter
Flight, speed, strength, invulnerability, interdimensional travel
No powers; highly skilled martial artist and archer
Depowered mutant, retains strong set of skills and knowledge
No powers, neurokinetic exoskeleton
Alien with superhuman speed, agility, durability, etc.
Superhuman speed and agility, can make things explode
No powers, telepathic connection to a dinosaur
Wields magic staff which can cast each spell only once
Enhanced strength (in relatively short bursts)
Alien shapeshifter
Extremely lifelike android, electromagnetic powers
Rainbow alien, flight, energy projection
No powers, uses borrowed technology
Very fast flight, rainbow trail
Gravity manipulation
Wings, hallucinogenic dust, magic
Diamond-hard body, projects diamond shards
Fluid metal body
Super speed, electric powers
Telekinesis, telepathy, being a garbage person
Alien, super intelligence, looks kinda like a bug
Power(s)Hero Name
Temperature manipulation (both extremes)
Enhanced physical abilities, 'hyper-instincts'
Time manipulation giving the appearance of enhanced speed
Power imitation (by proximity)
Flight, super speed, 'freakish maneuverability'
Fleshy shapeshifter, low-level telepathy
Can turn into a shark
Body covered in eyeballs
Made of rock
Lizardlike appearance, prehensile tongue, camouflage, super strength, agility, etc
Translucent psionic exoskeleton
Precognition, retrocognition, clairvoyance, telepathy
Turns into sand
Intangibility, invisibility, psychic shields
Plant growth control
Super strength, aged appearance
Telepathy, brain in a jar
Enhanced strength, invulnerability during the night
Energy projection, shapeshifting, durability
Purple exoskeleton
Birdlike alien, super strength, durability, etc
Healing factor, enhanced senses, claws
Head on fire
Psychic Hive Mind
Power(s)Hero Name
Blue crystalline skin, flight
Astral projection
Tattoolike markings; phases through solid matter, disintegrating it
Temporarily increases muscle mass, damaging body; vibranium tattoos
Shapeshifts into various gases. Depowered.
Emits toxic substances
Red metal (iridium) body
Electrokinesis, flight
Shapeshifts into dinosaurs
Polymath, photographic reflexes
Mystical amulets of power grant enhanced speed, strength, agility, etc
Spider physiology (at one point included an exoskeleton)
Spider powers
Helmet grants access to alien energy force
Horned monster form, energy absorption
Flight, telepathy, flame projection, association with Mesoamerican god
Suit grants flight, light blasts
Atlantean physiology, hydrokinesis
Super soccer skills
No powers: spacesuit, jetpack, combat and piloting ability
Cyborg with weaponized prosthetic arm and nanite technology
Body and powers of Celtic war god
Demonic parasite, magic ring

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