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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerBanties Hint
Who departed room 3.7 early in first year?He was missing his mum n that
What did Jacob C describe as the gayest thing ever?You don't have these in th'army
Why couldn't AJ pick up?He's never worked
Wesley BurnYesOpposite
Who's the fastest runner down a sheer cliff face?Stay on't path
Why did Jacob C hate Finn HʔHe was a bit
Why was AJ described as a gimp?James went in
Who should melt like a chocolate teapot?Fwackin hell
What did no one get used to?Dead babies
Who is the most berrated and isn't the scranniest la in the house?Room j chiller
Kinda cool, no?Indnooooo
Who's music's **** compared to 'this'/who is this person talking toʔNot his girlfriend
Who's the seshiest la in the houseʔAsk ɴataleh
Who are the worst combination of people in house to be in alone with each otherʔlol
Does anyone want some speedʔLakes n that
The angriest mario kart playerʔ'You BITCH'
The best mario kart playerʔNot debatable
The worst mario kart playerʔMildly debatable
Frowned upon but not illegalDebaishable
Winged ____What's Bongwarning
The worst Mii makerʔPicklepurge
Hottest mumpeng
Worst Bongo arena spotʔFWACK
Safety G or turdʔT' Th'
QuestionAnswerBanties Hint
Jim Won'tDaughterOpposite
John LobsterBushOpposite
What was definitely better than the coke and mentosʔɪT WAS ʟɪKE *TʜɪS* ʜOAɪɪɢʜ
What cwould be bwetterʔMmnyeah
Who could really, mnyeah, i could actually really, mnyeahʔGiz some after-sun
Gakkiest laʔSnowflake
Skinniest and hairiestʔWinkleberry
Nanny McFeetʔlol xandre haha ! little weirdo
Actually really pleasantʔAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Least hairʔCya
Errright, cyeurgh!Did his dissy rapid
Indo John's...No trousers
Pengest refectory workerBare chips
The sturdiest postʔOO, AH, Glen McGrah
It'll sort itself outʔIt didn't
Longest guy in the houseʔHe's that long he actually is
*The weatherups walk in*: '____ ____ ____!'Fist bumps all round
Boy if you don't getI don't care that you broke your elbow
Best refectory scranʔMMNYEAH, I could actually really
Name one of the two gak-associated items.Gak gak gak
Why's Tony not home yetʔWHAT THE **** CRABBERZ!
Worst at ʜistory out of AJ and Tony JʔBoiyer than you
Fred SeaOpposite
Where have I found myselfʔAbu baklar
QuestionAnswerBanties Hint
Tunes in ____ _____ʔI could actually really get behind
When listening to what album did Jamie T believe he was playing mario kartHeckies
Name at least 2 postcodes the lahs have lived at.Lol got ya!
This fella makes beer out of this world!Rockbustaaaa
Too Mii, too youThe main man himself
Cleverest bloke in the world?Bloody gooner
List your matesCambo la's
Sweeeeet ______Yh sweet one
FingerElbow JimRockOpposite
Does Jamie T put salt on his toast?Then I brush my teeth with ____ water
Who's pulled the most?Pulls proper loads
Happiest walk?3.2
Drum and _____D und B yah
NearBeeth (Mii)Opposite
Least likely to clear his sick up?At least he's honest
Name one of Lewis' famous pullsPeng
Who did John Leaderz pull on the first night?Pffffffffffffft
Harriot PubFoolishOpposite
Pretends to like nice shoes the most?Show us your astros lah
Least likely Mii to go on a night out with Lewis?Its not Donnis btw
Most wank tissues in his bin?

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