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Can you name the final stories of all the Doctor's in Doctor Who?

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William HartnellThe only surviving footage of the final episode is the regeneration itself
Patrick TroughtonThere is no official regeneration as it was unknown whether the show would continue
Jon PertweeThis was the first story to actually use the term 'Regeneration'
Tom BakerTom Baker left the role after 7 years due to disliking the new producer John Nathan-Turner
Peter DavisonKnown as one of the best stories of the shows history
Colin BakerThe Final story of the 'Trial of a Time Lord' story arc
Sylvester McCoySylvester McCoy had always been determined to be on hand for his regeneration
Christopher EcclestonThis episode marks the return of the Dalek emporer
David Tennant4 different versions of David Tennant's final line were done

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