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Forced Order
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Eve is revealed to have been sleeping with Lindsay5
Cordelia ascends to a higher plane while Angel sinks into the ocean3
Cordelia becomes part demon to deal with her visions3
Lindsey leaves town2
Angel visits Faith in prison2
Faith breaks down in Angel's arms1
Connor has a happy life with his new family4
Angel finds out that he may become human one day1
Drusilla re-vamps Darla2
Wes and Fred finally hook up5
Illyria rises in Fred's former body5
Angel has sex with Darla 2
Cordelia has become a princess in Pylea2
Connor returns from a hell dimension3
Wesley and Angel dance (horribly) over the closing credits1
Wesley discovers a prophecy that says Angel will kill his son3
The gang realizes that they unleashed a horde of demons on LA1
Cordelia returns with amnesia4
Lindsey realizes that his place is with Wolfram and Hart after all1
The Grooselug makes his way to LA to meet with Cordelia3
Spike returns from oblivion to meet the Fang Gang5
Angel spies Connor having sex with Cordelia4
Cordelia reveals to the gang that she is pregnant4
What is left of the Fang Gang face the retribution of Wolfram and Hart5
The gang begins to realize that Angelus needs to return4

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