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Can you name the playable character techs from Chrono Cross?

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Charge at foe for extra-powerful blade stroke 
Build up and release a burst of 'chi' energy  
Focus energy on Swallow and hurl yourself at foe  
Attempt to steal your opponent's treasure  
Throw a bunch of daggers all at once  
The Death-blow machine invented by Lucca 
Slice opponent as you gently fly past him  
Invokes a pack of magic cats to attack  
All things become eternal nothingness  
A real slap in the face to body and soul  
Virgin's prayer to recharge Elements' power  
Virgin's prayer for the power of self-revival  
Curl up in a ball and bounce at foe  
Kick up the dirty stuff from pooch's sandbox  
Unlock dog collar to unleash pooch power!  
Perform a mystic dance that curses your foe  
Turn into a living Catherine wheel  
Lift foe with nail, then drop while spinning  
Teleport magic wand into foe's innards  
Turn magic wand into swords that stab foe  
Charge magic wand with lightning to zap foe  
Pray upon the legendary Hero's Medal for help  
Gracefully score a double touch on foe  
A deathblow borrowed from the tough guy Cyrus  
Break beloved guitar on foe at performance's end  
Play a cool tune that'll freeze your worst critic  
Play some heavy metal that'll shake your foes  
Swim in the air and dive head-first at opponent  
Snag a foe on fishing line and reel it in  
A special lure to catch the big one that got away  
A hip-drop that makes foe the 'butt' of jokes  
Handle foe as if you're folding the laundry  
One angry mama lets anything fly!  
Build up momentum for a stronger slash attack  
Tech Skill taught to him by his big brother  
Pierce foe from above and finish with a kick  
Catch a falling star  
A gift from the heart  
Protect friends with flower power  
Throw your weapons high in the air  
A chiropractic attack that crushes a foe's bones  
Pray for ocean rains to heal your friends  
Charge with outstretched arm to knock foe flying  
Do a gymnastic lead up to a spinning drop kick  
Do a body slam from the top of a magic tombstone  
Use lunar energy to create blades of light  
Use lunar energy to protect the party  
Create a lunar eclipse that causes destruction  
Transforms herself into a previously met foe  
Hit foe from afar with 'Chi' aura  
Swing your staff faster than the eye can see  
Send waves of 'Chi' aura flying at foe  
Shoot a twisting ray of aura from your pistol  
Fire aura in the air to cause a rain of bullets  
Fires a concentrated ball of aura energy  
Exhale a powerful blast of salt water  
Play a tune on your harp to heal a party member  
Play a tune on your harp to beat foes with waves  
Beat enemy with your trusty bunny-drum  
Bounce carrots off drum as true 'BeaterCarotene'  
Concentrate all energy on drumming foe sky-high  
Hurl body at foe with all one's might  
Gently calm party to restore stamina and HP  
Unevolved: Hurl body at foe with all one's might  
Holy Beast: Do the 'wild thing' and go into a hellish rage  
Archangel: Just give your opponent a gentle poke  
Archdevil: Find a nice, holy hole to snuggle up in...  
Swiftly and forcefully throw your pack of cards  
Reorder the digits that make up your HP value  
A new magic trick, the likes of which have never been seen before!  
A Tech Skill learned from a correspondence course  
Throw artist's paintpots all over the place  
Set your precious piggy bank onto your foe  
Beat the earth to rattle your foe  
Spin like a top to known foes flying  
Like playing golf with an adrenaline rush  
Jump on your dragon to make a charge attack  
Send aura into axe and throw it in a circle  
Spin axe around to build up power for final blow  
Jump from your steed to do an elbow-crush dive  
Fly like a helicopter to make a spinning dive  
Throw foe high in air, then beat him back down  
Shoot off left arm to punch a foe in the face  
Power up cyborg hair to generate a laser saber  
A secret weapon banned by the Porre Army  
Pierce the enemy with your secret strings  
Send a cold signal down your secret string line  
Weave secret strings to cut out a wave of rocks  
Use the power of White Cobra to heal your party  
Use the power of White Cobra for protection  
White Cobra's power will recharge some Elements  
Practice the pinning of a specimen on your foe  
Chemical compound causes multiple status effects  
Let foe be a test-host for a new parasitic amoeba  
Utilize gravity's pull to swing sword harder  
Make huge blades of thin air and hurl them at foes  
Raise the national flag to raise the fighting spirit  
Plunder opponent's treasure  
Call for support fire from the S.S. Invincible  
The forbidden deathblow unleashed from within  
Scatter secret spice to make party healthy  
Turns your foe into the main course  
Invites the cook to show his other face  
Shoot forth a barrage of flower seeds  
Send out tendrils to soak up foe's HP  
Gather roots into one limb to slam foe down  
Call on Starman Guardian to do special attack MK1  
Call on Starman Guardian to do special attack MK2  
Call on Starman Guardian to do special attack MK3  
A dance that's bound to make heads turn!  
A lusty look that'll make any foe go gaga  
Dance in the sky while attacking with air-waves  
Hurl huge boulders at opponent  
Swirl tail around to create a tornado attack  
Leap up and kick from three different directions  
Summon the eidolon of the last Shrine Maiden  
Summon the eidolon of a Hydra  
Summon the eidolon of Garai  
Cough up a little breath of fire  
Cough up a fireball, then beat wings to magnify it  
Breath attack with help of Mother Dragon's ghost  
A chain attack inherited by a single child  
'Drunken Master' atack taught by her parents  
An inherited technique performed by two sisters  
Leap in air and put all force behind massive cut  
Burrow into ground to do uppercut from below  
A secret power he doesn't talk about...  
Make like a woodcutter and chop foe to pieces  
Shoot a cloud of spores from the mushroom cap  
Release an army of mini-mushrooms onto your foe  
Use special juggling balls to pound foes  
Boost your strength by blowing a magic balloon  
Hop on a huge beach ball and run over foe with it  
Steal your opponent's possessions  
Use your opponent as a piece of drawing paper  
Stamp on ground so hard it causes quakes  

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