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Freeman, Robbins
You can't refuse this offer
Sequel to #2
You wanna know how I got these scars?
Nick Fury and Poison Ivy in non-superhero roles
Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo.
Liam Neeson in Germany
A dozen irate males
Middle-Earth summation.
Rule #1, Don't talk about this clue.
It began with One Ring.
McConaughey.... in Space!
A war in space, involving empirical retaliation.
Did the top stop spinning?
A box of chocolates.
What did the other one fly over?
One in Isengard, One in Mordor
Another mob movie with De Niro
One Pill, Two Pills, Red Pill, Blue Pill
A war in space, with fresh optimism
Siete Japanese Warriors
A town belonging to the One
5 criminals, 1 random police lineup
Chianti and Liver
How would life be if you didn't exist?
It's not a fairytale in Europe, even if it sounds like one.
Apparently, one lion is a professional.
Ergo, Death is Ugly
Here's looking at you, quiz taker.
Indiana Jones, take a bow.
A former neo-nazi skinhead tries to prevent his younger brother from going down the same wrong path that he did. (Yes, literally the plot summary.)
Taking a shower = getting stabbed.
Tom Hanks in a war. And no, he's not saving Dan.
Chaplin loves a blind flower girl.
Kind of like a back door. That's glass. And not a door.
Japanese animated film. The language wasn't even English.
I can't move my arms and legs? Better hire a guy from the projects.
Chaplin's back. Although he's not as modern as the title implies.
Hasta la vista, quiz taker.
Guy Pearce has short term mem-Guy Pearce has short....
Sequel: The Guitarist.
Since when do measurements have color?
It's right after Sunrise St.
It's been 35 years, still no end of the world.
The Doctor.... of weird affection.
Another great Dicaprio film, another non-Oscar finish.
Are you not entertained, quiz-takers?
Doc, can I go forward to the past?
The Chestburster
Two magicians battle it out to see who's better.
Charlie Chaplin as a leader.
An agent gets caught up in other people's lives.
There's no way Bruce survived that explosion and made it back to the city alive.
Why can't you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? The pee is silent.
Can you feel this answer tonight?
Here's Johnny!
For Italians, movies equate to heaven.
Soldiers refuse to go forward with an impossible attack, superiors make an example of them.
Rose on a stomach, that's the iconic image.
More animation. At least he got the plant-protecting botgirl.
Since when do movie titles give you compass directions.
The Chestbursters
That French chic meddling with people's love lifes
I'm getting dizzy.
Sequel: Manhood.
The thirteenth letter of the alphabet.
The third movie in a series, of an ANIMATED series, is in the top 250?!?!?
It's not about da boot.
The titular character's sister is younggirl.
More Japanese animation. This time, it's a princess.
Why did all the sparkly bugs die?
A war in space....he's back!
Alex likes Beethoven.
This time, it's not a fairytale but it is in the west.
Hot dog stand vendor. Let's name all the New York occupations.
Because a single compensation isn't enough.
Our heist went wrong. You told the police! No you did!
Now, there's a track by the same title that has to come in every trailer.
Scottish man has blue paint on face.
Jem, Boo, and company
Awesome guy, but he died in a motorcycle accident.
Ben Affleck at his best, but his lady can't be found.
Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Nuff Said.
This is a pretty self-explanatory title. It's like judge for a court, choreographer for a dance show, etc. (1957)
Well, my wooden jacket is still hungry.
I prefer to sing indoors.
Good thing I kept track of my unicycle.
What falls off when a bee nabs you?
Gamora, Starlord, Rocket, etc.
Mozart's middle name
Fi! Fi! Fi!
They teach kids not to just take things from other people. That's the action this title implies.
Not well-known Japanese crime movie (1950)
And nothing about Adam.
Three policemen in L.A.
A.K.A The Flat.
Sounds like the beginning of an advertisement.
Famous Marilyn Monroe flick.
Billy the____
1968 Interstellar
Gold in the mountains of Nevada?
The first and second guys weren't available.
Pitt you bastard.
Indiana Jones, it can't be your last.
The opposite of a connection.
Before 47 Ronin, there was this ronin movie.
The first of the Nolan Batman trilogy.
There's a snake in my boot. And a traumatizing boy in the neighboring house.
e.g. Tokyo, Los Angeles, Mexico City
Liam Neeson's back, but forgiveness isn't a strong suit in this film.
De Niro's best sports film. #LaMotta
Al Pacino in 'Goodfellas Part II' (Not really)
Indian film about autistic kid.
Simply put, a town in China. Sort of.
An old man. A boy scout. Balloons. Kevin.
The opposite of an uprise.
Making a run from a German camp in World War II
The first of the John McClane series.
Pocahontas' husband travels to President George's last name.
Marlon Brando as a longshoreman.
A maze belonging to a cooking implement.
Another Indian movie, this one about three stupid individuals.
Warmth. As represented by Pacino, De Niro, and Kilmer
A British colonel wants to build a bridge.
Jagten. A foreign film about a teacher with depressingly bad luck.
Lots of profanity, nudity, but apparently some class acting. Still no DiCaprio Oscar
One of Robin Williams best performances, supporting a genius Matt Damon in this film.
Seals 1-6 were not to be found.
Another Japanese animated film. About neighbors. One in particular.
A bureaucrat gets terminal cancer.
There was one in Alaska, and one in California.
The tame red fruits aren't in season.
A man with a growth on his face.
Last three letters of a Middle Eastern country. Past tense of what people might do from the country.
They stole his train. He'll take their livelihoods.
Harrison Ford in space, not Star Wars
This title is an accurate description of the cycle of gunfire.
So the truth is in their ears?
Clint Eastwood uses a flashlight as a gun.
What Danny Ocean robbed.
Jeff Bridges is The Dude
Friday:_________ Black
Shirtless Tom Hardy makes men cry.
One rose per death. One musical exposition per explosion.
The wolf's sound's castle is in motion.
Deer, watch out. Your predator is on the loose.
Both Best Picture winners that began with the letter 'I' end in 'Night'. Name the one that doesn't contain the word 'heat'.
Skywalker son has cold hand
Another Indian movie. Aamir Khan and many colors.
Animated Vikings tame dragons.
Death by wood chipper.
Final word in Title #133
There's one. There's another! I'm so good at spotting trains.
More Indian movies. I want the heart.
A German city features a major decision.
Humphrey Bogart is Maltese.
Frankly my quiz taker, you should get this one.
I graduated college as a top student and athlete, with $24000? Time to drop everything I own and live in the wilderness.
Apparently, fear earns.
Russell Crowe has a delightful brain.
How about Dial N for Nope.
The Iron Patriot in Africa.
Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell, and...
The big orange member of the Fantastic Four
Goddammit you clownfish! Stay in one spot!
Tommy Lee Jones would beg to differ.
I wouldn't want her as my Bride.
One of the best partnerships in the history of cinema.
Charlie Sheen before Two and a Half Men.
Max would later go on to partner Ruby.
Solomon Northup, wrongfully in slavery, rightfully rescued.
Brian has a life?
Twins in the Middle East.
The Social __________
The feeling of bad.
Woody Allen is a good director.
Alternate spelling of diabolic.
'A Dame to Kill For''s prequel
A very fancy Hungarian temporary residence.
Most recent X-Men movie.
As you wish, Prince Groom
I'll Sit by You
Better bring an umbrella for this oil business movie.
Chariot movie. Charlton Heston. Cha-Ching.
I Love Dogs. Especially Spanish ones.
Cause 399 blows wasn't enough.
Heel clicking. Kansan Tornado. You know the story.
Sequel: The Raisins of Rage.
A dog named Hachi and his story.
Hilary Swank is a kickass boxer. No pun intended.
Daniel Day-Lewis did NOT win Best Actor for this 1999 biopic.
Quiz takers, Assemble!
Were the worst years for other people.
the aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others.
Threequel to first Bourne Movie
Halfway between 8 and 9 (write it out)
Jake Gyllenhall sees a bunny.
Indian Ben Kingsley
I'll just give this one to you. The Valley of the Wind is where Princess Nausicaa lives.
Snakes on a plane, replaced by strangers and a locomotive.
Some affairs are worse than others.
dun dun. dun dun. dun dun. dun dun dun dun dun. Shark.
12:00. On the dot.
A dozen primates
He's in the Zone.
Well known, typically for some bad quality or deed
Colin Firth in 2010 Best Picture
Alexander and Fanny
Hasta la Vista, for the first time.
The Wolf of Wall Street and Bruce Banner on an island.
Cricket in India.
War in the capital of Algeria
The end of the Rowling saga.
February 2
Not a classic superhero name. Here's a tIP
In other words, night.
Is also the night of prey dying.
The title of an American mountain range. And a boxer.
So is it day, or an afternoon. I guess the dog doesn't care
Anthony Quinn as a traveling entertainer.
Abdel and Vinz against the cops.
Sully and Mike, Randall, the Yeti...
I know I'm not afraid of V.W.
Irish chap marries widow, assumes dead husband's aristocratic position.
The first POTC movie.
Recollections of Death
The Gigantic Nap
A floating castle, I guess?
Why not a handful? The dollars would be less crumpled.
Jim Carrey live's a life on TV.
Racism and black nannies wins Oscar
Hepburn in Rome
What you become when you finish college.
One who hustles.
Nominalization of what people do when they score a goal.
A man falls in love with a 'female' electronic device. In other words, a pronoun.
Indian film with Shah Rukh Khan rediscovering his Indian roots.
Welcome to ____________________
I'm always in that mood.
Improvement on Stalag 16
Belle falls in love with a wildebeest.
Aboveground's antonym
What Boy Scouts use to tie knots with.
Dark Feline, Light Feline
A breed of dog, but in this case, a prison.
Race-track robbery.
The sweet life in Italy
In other words, daytime

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