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Can you name the Jobs in space station 13?

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Do everything, ramirez!
Protect Ian!
Make sure your team isn't sh*tcurity.
Read Woody's got Wood on the radio, hide in your bomb shelter.
Hit people of the head with your bible.
Beg for maintenance access, take boxing gloves and a top hat from Dorms.
Protect Pun-Pun at all costs.
Get murdered on the asteroid.
Leave people to die, hoard the medical supplies.
Cry because Runtime will never be as cool as Ian.
Make Chloral Hydrate, throw grenades.
Be the head of the demented man-children department.
Turn monkeys into humans, leave dead people's stuff on the ground.
Get lynched every round for giving everyone Pierrot's Throat.
Blow up toxins, let the slimes absorb you.
Cook delicious meals from spare meat in the morgue.
Grow space drugs. Give them to everybody.
Praise the QM, your great king.
Pick up bitches in the pussy wagon, throw cleaning grenades at people.
Listen to how useless you are, make sure people can breathe.
Get killed on the solars, ignore hull breaches.
Release the singularity, fly off into space.
Order corgi crates, put your slaves in their places.
Harmbaton everyone, forget to set a timer.
Smoke cigarettes, shoot assistants with your gun.
Watch the armory, set a timer.
Annoy security, very rarely actually have a court case.
Open doors, malfunction, find loopholes.
Follow your laws, get a murderboner when the AI is rogue.
Obey your master, cause chaos.
Be the friend someone always wanted.
Kill everything that moves.
Take DNA, curse at fat people.
Build nests, stalk people.
(Stealthily) Kill everything that moves.

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