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Can you name the 30 names from The Simpsons?

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The simpsons names
Kirk and Luann's son
Bleeding Gums ______
Sherri's sister
Bart's full name
Patty and Selma's sister
Lenny's surname
Carl's surname
Snake's full name
Professer John _____
Bart's twin brother
Apu's wife
______ Muntz
Dr. ______ Hibbert
German excange student
Assistent of Radioactive Man
The simpsons names
Superintendent _________
Major Quimby's first name
Seymore Skinner's mother
Real name of Springfield's founder
Full name of bully with purple hat
Three-eyed fish
Flander's dead wife
Bart's old pet elephant
Gumble's first name
Mr. Burn's assistent's full name
Bart's dog
Clancy Wiggum's son
Lunchlady _____
Lisa's cat
Homer's Mother

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