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Who is s/he? Harry Potter Pronoun Puzzlers #2 (Chamber of Secrets)

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QuoteS/he isWho said it
That's probably why You Know Who wanted to kill him in the first place. Didn't want another Dark Lord competing with him.Ernie MacMillan
It might be a good idea if he were deprived of certain privileges until he is ready to tell us the whole story.Professor Snape
I wanted to tell him what really happened with that snake at the Duelling ClubHarry Potter
[Percy] was so upset when she was - you know - attacked.Ginny Weasley
He says the school needs ridding of all the Mudblood filth, but not to get mixed up in it.Draco Malfoy
Right. That's got him out from under our feet.Professor McGonagall
Yeh should've ignored him, Arthur.Rubeus Hagrid
Yeah, she'll be wanting your autograph, Harry.Fred Weasley
I never went in there anyway if I could avoid it, it's awful trying to go to the loo with her wailing at you.Hermione Granger
He's not as gone as you might think!Harry Potter
Yes, yes I know what you're thinking! 'It's all right for him, he's an internationally famous wizard already!'Gilderoy Lockhart
QuoteS/he isWho said it
He could be a Slytherin spy, trying to find out about our new training programme.Oliver Wood
But Ginny. What's our Ginny got to do - with - him?Mrs Weasley
In trouble? But why has he sent you?Aragog
Percy! She was about to tell us something important!Ron Weasley
MUUUUM! He's doing you know what!Dudley Dursley
Another attack. Minerva found him on the stairs.Professor Dumbledore
He tells me he knows a tiny little bit about duelling himself and has sportingly agreed to help me with a short demonstration.Gilderoy Lockhart
It was definitely a curse that killed her - probably the Transmogrifian Torture.Gilderoy Lockhart
Come on, you've only got to look at his foul rat face to know it's him.Ron Weasley
About time, too. He's been looking dreadful for days, I've been telling him to get a move on.Professor Dumbledore

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