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QUIZ: Can you name the Important Events in Habsburg History, 1718-1914?

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1. This severely inbred and handicapped king of Spain died, thus making the Spanish Habsburg dynasty extinct and starting the War of the Spanish Succession
2. There were three pretenders jockeying for the Spanish throne. The first, a Bavarian prince, was the first choice, but died en route to Barcelona
3. The second, an Austrian archduke, was forced to abandon the idea when his brother suddenly died, leaving him to inherit the Holy Roman Empire
4. The last, the grandson of the French king Louis XIV, finally won the right to the throne as long as he first abdicated his claim to the French throne
5. This peace treaty was signed to end the War of the Spanish Succession
6.#3, lacking a male heir, issued this decree in order to allow for a woman to inherit the throne
7. Prince Eugene, an Italian aristocrat serving the Habsburgs, reversed some of the military gains made by the Turks in previous centuries in what is now known as:
8. This daughter of #3 inherited the Holy Roman Empire, sparking the War of the Austrian Succession
9. The most significant event of the war was the loss of this historically Habsburg duchy in Poland...
10. ...to the rival nation of Prussia, ruled by this lifetime enemy of #8:
11. Prince Kaunitz, an advisor of #8, sparked a diplomatic revolution with this suggestion that the Holy Roman Empire should forge an alliance with its traditional enemy, France
12. The territorial and hegemonial conflicts between Austria and Prussia again resulted in violence by contributing to the outbreak of this war
13. Another short-lived Austro-Prussian conflict ended with the Peace of Teschen:
14. This son of #8 inherited the throne from his older brother, Joseph II, in time to see the French Revolution begin and his sister Marie Antoinette beheaded
15.This successor of #14 was forced to abdicate the throne after his coaltion was defeated by Napoleon, thus ending the Holy Roman Empire and beginning the Austrian Empire
16. An uprising of Tyrolean peasants protested the occupation of their land during #15's War of the Fifth Coalition against Napoleon. Their leader was:
17. The second time Napoleon conquered Vienna, he dictated peace, sealing the deal by marrying this daughter of #15
18. This conference of ambassadors met to attempt to work out the problems presented by the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
19. Napoleon was defeated at this famous battle by the Austro-Prussian Seventh Coalition
20. The 'Holy Alliance' was established between Austria, Prussia, and Russia, and was headed by this Austrian statesman
21. The 'Concert of Europe', combined with increasing surveillance and censorship of the populace, was given this derisive nickname after #20
22. This weak and severely epileptic son of #15 succeeded the throne, but was largely incapable and so the government was steered by #20
23. Demand for an end to #21 and for popular representation exploded in Vienna in this uprising named for the year in which it began
24. This uprising, simultaneous with #23, was militarily subdued with the help of Russia
25. This document, though only in effect for a few weeks, is acknowledged as the beginning of constitutionalism in Austria
26. This Parliament-like government institution opened for the first time in Vienna, marking the beginning of political parties
27.#22, in the face of the events of #23, was convinced to abdicate in favor of his nephew, a neo-absolutist:
28. Austria lost its close ties to Russia when the former offended the latter in its neutrality against Britain and France during this war
29. Austria lost its traditional lands in Italy when the kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont allied with Napoleon III of France in this Italian unification movement
30. This war, which lasted only seven weeks, established Prussia as the dominant German-speaking power
31. The above various military defeats led to pressure for greater autonomy for Hungary. This treaty created the Dual Monarchy, or Austria-Hungary
32. This war, sparked from a conflict over a vacant Spanish throne, resulted in the completion of German unification under Prussia
33.The demonetization of silver and a serious of Viennese bank failures led to this economic downturn, which was largely blamed on capitalists and Jews
34. This conference was convened between ambassadors of the great powers to reorganize the countries of the Balkans
35. Austria-Hungary and Germany made this formal agreement in case of an attack on either party by Russia, as part of Otto von Bismarck's plan to prevent war
36. These unpopular ordinances were passed in an attempt to ease etho-linguistic tension in Bohemia; they required that all civil servants be fluent in both German and Czech
37. This coup d'etat took place in Serbia, replacing a friendly government with fiercely pan-Slavic and anti-Austrian one
38. Though it had been occupying this ethnically diverse and unstable region since #34, Austria finally formally annexed it, further angering Serbia
39. This heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary...
40...was shot in Sarajevo by this Bosnian Serb student, igniting WWI

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