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1. This 'ice man', found mummified in the Alps in 1991, probably died of blunt trauma
2. The term used for civilization in central Europe during the Iron and Bronze Age, marked by use of iron, salt, and ceramics
3. The most important Roman outpost on the Danube, in the province of Noricum (Pannonia after 100 CE)
4. The term used to describe the push of Germanic 'barbarians' (e.g. Goths and Vandals) against Roman frontiers
5. This King of the Franks was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor
6. This ethnic group settled in the Danube region
7. This man received the 'Eastern March' (present-day Austrian lands) as a fief from the Dukes of Bavaria
8. 'Austria' was first mentioned in an official document under this name
9. This document elevated the Babenburg family (forerunners of the Habsburgs) to Dukes and granted them greater autonomy from the Holy Roman Empire
10. This last Duke of Babenburg was killed in battle
11. This early Habsburg leader received the Austrian duchies as a fief from the German king and was elected Holy Roman Emperor
12. #11 defended the Austrian lands against Premysl Ottokar, King of Bohemia, in this battle
13. This son of #11 was elected Holy Roman Emperor
14. This assassination of #13 by John of Swabia foiled the Habsburgs' first attempt at installing a hereditary monarchy in the Holy Roman Empire
15. Rudolf IV 'the Founder' forged this to elevate the Habsburgs to the status of Archdukes
16. Rudolf IV acquired this territory in western Austria
17. Habsburg lands were divided into how many different lines?
18. This man was elected Holy Roman Emperor, returning the office to the Habsburgs
19. Maximilian I was married to this heiress, facilitating his inheritance of much of present-day Switzerland
20. Maximilian I's son Philipp 'the Handsome' was married to this mentally unstable Spanish princess, a daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella
21. The Spanish and Austrian lands were inherited by this son of Philipp and #20
22. Elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1519, Charles V granted his holdings in Austria to this brother, creating two different ruling Habsburg dynasties in Spain and Austria
23. Charles V attended this famous council in an attempt to deal with religious reformer Martin Luther
24. #22 inherited Hungary and Bohemia through his wife, Anna, after her father, King Louis, died in this battle against the Ottomans
25. This Ottoman threat to Habsburg power was repelled by Count Niklas Salm
26. After the defeat of #25, the Ottomans attacked this city, but were repelled again by Count Nikola Jurisic
27. This policy of 'cuius regio, eius religio' allowed the German princes to decide whether their lands would be Catholic or Protestant
28. After #22's death (Holy Roman Emperor, 1556-64), the Austrian lands were divided amongst his three sons. The Austrian duchies, Bohemia, and Hungary went to...
29. Inner Austria went to...
30. Tyrol went to...
31. Under #28, this pushback against Protestantism swept the Habsburg lands
32. This new religious sect worked to restore Catholicism in Austria
33. This Habsburg emperor moved the court from Vienna to Prague, becoming a generous patron of the arts and sciences
34. The end of the long Ottoman wars came with this treaty
35. #33 issued this decree of religious freedom for the Bohemian lands, though its inhabitants pressed for more
36. #33's brother, Mathias, deposed him in this fraternal struggle known as...
37. This notorious rough treatment of imperial councilors by Bohemian noblemen started the Thirty Years' War
38. The Thirty Years' War took place in four phases, beginning with...
39. ...followed by...
40. Next came...
41. ...and finally...
42. The reign of this 'winter king' of Bohemia...
43. ...ended with the defeat of the Protestant Bohemian nobility by the Catholic League at this battle
44. Bohemian nobility lost their estates and privileges with this document; thereafter Bohemia was governed from Vienna
45. This military commander under Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II...
46. ...was dismissed, but rehired in time to win this battle against the Swedes
47. This treaty ended the Thirty Years' War, ending Habsburg influence in Germany but centralizing their hereditary lands in Austria, Bohemia, and Hungary
48. This Holy Roman Emperor renewed war with the Ottomans, engaged in territorial conflict with France, and subjected Hungary to tighter Habsburg control
49. This final assault on Habsburg power by the Turks...
50. ...was repulsed by this duke, the brother-in-law of #48...
51. ...and this King of Poland.
52. This gradual expulsion of the Turks from the eastern Holy Roman Empire...
53. ...ended with this peace treaty.
54. The triumph of #31 in Austria led to the growing popularity of this dramatic art style

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