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Can you name the two word band name from the clues provided?

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Type of batteryThreesome
Hard of hearingThose who like to travel on foot
Something you say before going to bedA common inshore, bottom-dwelling type of shark
Something you might yell if your plane was going downCommon sights for the 4th of July, Mardi Gras, etc.
Endearing term for 'father'German, brown-banded, hissing, etc.
Associated with purity or peace; long believed to be the fundamental color of lightCreature associated with Afro-Caribbean Voodoo tradition
You look for one of these when you don't have a lighterA family of languages originating in southwestern Europe
When your lungs fill up with water, you are...Money bet during a single hand of poker
Misspelling of the world's most populous metropolitan areaHilton, Ritz, Astoria, etc.
Painfully thinBaby canine

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