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Lap the Nürburgring in less than 10 minutes... in a diesel-
Lap the Nürburgring in less than 9 minutes and 59 seconds... in a van-
Convertible people carrier-
Amphibious vehiclesJeremy Clarkson
Amphibious vehiclesRichard Hammon
Amphibious vehiclesJames May
Car interior design-
Improve your lap time by 20 seconds-
Caravan holiday-
Kit car race-
Roadies van challengeJeremy Clarkson
Roadies van challengeRichard Hammon
Roadies van challengeJames May
Space Shuttle-
Stretch limosJeremy Clarkson
Stretch limosRichard Hammon
Stretch limosJames May
Polar race special-
Amphibious cars part 2Jeremy Clarkson
Amphibious cars part 2Richard Hammon
Amphibious cars part 2James May
Driving a Formula 1 car-
Britcar 24-hour endurance race-
Tuning challenge-
From Basel to Blackpool on a single tank of fuelJeremy Clarkson
From Basel to Blackpool on a single tank of fuelRichard Hammon
From Basel to Blackpool on a single tank of fuelJames May
Make a car advertisement-
Build an electric car-

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