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ReviewCarPresenter + Series + Episode
Drive until you get boredJeremy Clarkson + Series Two, Episode Four
Lap of the M25Jeremy Clarkson + Series Three, Episode One
Truck destructionSeries Three, Episodes Five & Six
Helicopter gunship evasionJeremy Clarkson + Series Four, Episode One
London to Edinburgh and back again on a single tank of fuelJeremy Clarkson + Series Four, Episode Four
Minicab road testingRichard Hammond + Series Four, Episode Seven
Minicab road testingJames May + Series Four, Episode Seven
Off-road up a mountainJeremy Clarkson + Series Five, Episode Three
24 hours in a carRichard Hammond, James May + Series Five, Episode Four
Tank evasionJeremy Clarkson + Series Six, Episode One
ReviewCarPresenter + Series + Episode
Car FootballSeries Six, Episode One
Sniper evasionJeremy Clarkson + Series Six, Episode Five
Sniper evasionJeremy Clarkson + Series Six, Episode Five
Supercars / SuperbridgeJeremy Clarkson + Series Seven, Episode Three
Supercars / SuperbridgeRichard Hammond + Series Seven, Episode Three
Supercars / SuperbridgeJames May + Series Seven, Episode Three
Car Ice HockeyWinter Olympics Special
Horse racing camera platformJeremy Clarkson + Series Eight, Episode Five
Car Football 2Series Eight, Episode Five
VIP chauffeurJames May + Series Eleven, Episode Six

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