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Can you solve the Game of Thrones character anagrams?

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Forced Order
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AnagramCharacter NameNo. Letters in Words
Real Incest Siren6,9
Stork Barb4,5
Hot Boar Banterer6,9
Masterly Wall7,5
Ale Scanner Dog6,7
Dark Rest Dad6,5
Red Nails Em10
Sits Banana Throne7,9
Barks Rant4,5
Nasty Twin Liner5,9
Dreary Granny Tease8,9
Stunning Dreamboat7,10
Be A Horny Antler5,9
AnagramCharacter NameNo. Letters in Words
Jasmine Latrine5,9
Hyper Bestial5,7
Enjoy Thy Gore5,7
Kansas Star5,5
Grey Tit7
Abnormal Toys6,6
Tiny Lions Ranter6,9
Manly Rebel Rot6,7
Salty Neck Art7,5
Reads Oath Vows5,8
Hearty Banjo Offer7,9
Hello Trainers7,6

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