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What is the school that Will, Jay, Neil and Simon attend?
What is the title of the head of sixth?
And for those foolish enough to use it, what is his first name?
What is the name of the girl Simon is obsessed with?
And her surname?
What is the name of Jay's ex girlfriend?
What is the name of Simon's music loving ex girlfriend?
Where do Simon go to have sex with his ex girlfriend?
He hasn't been seen but what is the name of the headmaster?
What is the full name of Simon's car?
What is the name of Neil's car with no engine?
Where is the geography and sociology field trip held?
What is the name of Jay's dad?
What is the name of Will's huge rejected girlfriend?
What is the name of the geography teacher who has particular interest in Neil?
And what is he commonly known as?
Who actually won Monopoly?
Who let Simon's car fall in the lake?
What is the name of Jay's car?
And what does he call it?

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