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Can you name the words to fill in the blanks for I Corinthians 13 from the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible?

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ScriptureFill in the blank:Verse
Though I speak with the ________13:1
of _____13:1
and of _______,13:1
and have not ________,13:1
I am become as sounding ________,13:1
or a tinkling _______.13:1
And though I have the gift of ________,13:2
and understand all __________,13:2
and all __________;13:2
and though I have all _________13:2
so that I could remove ________,13:2
and have not _______,13:2
I am _______.13:2
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the ________, 13:3
and though I give my body to be _______,13:3
and have not ________,13:3
I am _______.13:3
Charity __________ long, 13:4
and is _______;13:4
charity __________ not;13:4
charity _________ not itself,13:4
is not _________ up.13:4
Doth not behave itself _________,13:5
seeketh not her _________,13:5
is not easily ________,13:5
thinketh no ________;13:5
Rejoiceth not in _________,13:6
ScriptureFill in the blank:Verse
but rejoiceth in the ________;13:6
_______ all things,13:7
_______ all things,13:7
_______ all things,13:7
_______ all things.13:7
Charity never ________:13:8
but whether there be __________, they shall fail;13:8
whether there be _________, they shall cease;13:8
whether there be _________, it shall vanish away.13:8
For we ________ in part, 13:9
and we ________ in part.13:9
But when that which is _________ is come,13:10
then that which is in ________ shall be done away13:10
When I was a _______,13:11
I _______ as a child,13:11
I _______ as a child,13:11
I _______ as a child:13:11
but when I became a _______,13:11
I put away ________ things.13:11
For now we see through a ________, darkly;13:12
but then _________ to _________:13:12
now I know in _______;13:12
but then shall I know even as also I am ________.13:12
And now abideth _________,13:13
________, these three;13:13
but the greatest of these is ________.13:13

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