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DescriptionBaseball Term
When the fielding team gets two outs in a single play
Pitch that is not in the strike zone
When a ball is not hit in the field of play and is a dead ball
Person in the middle of the infield that throws the ball for the batter to hit
When a ball is hit over the outfield fence
When you get to first base on a hit
When the batter holds down the bat to just tap a pitch gently
A pop fly in the infield with base runners on first and second. It is automatically ruled out whether it is caught or not
Purposely flying out to advance or score a base runner
When you bunt to advance a base runner
When the pitch is a good pitch; called by the umpire
If a base runner advances a base without the batter getting a hit
When the fielding team gets three outs in a single play
When someone gets to third base on a hit
If someone gets to second base on a hit
When a batter gets out from a caught foul ball
A person who makes the calls in a game
When you get on base by putting the ball in play
A statistic that says your percent of times you got a hit
When four balls are pitched to a single batter
If a ground ball is hit and the batter gets out at first
When three strikes are pitched to a single batter
A statistic that says your percentage of times getting on base
When the pitcher purposely throws four balls to walk someone
A mistake in fielding a ball
There are nine of these in a game
If the batter gets out from a caught pop fly
There are three per half inning

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