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Can you name the Metal Gear Solid Characters?

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Forced Order
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Get the characters from the clues
If you don't get this one your on the wrong quiz
Evil British Clone
Slightly Less Evil American Clone
Great Tache, Great Mullet, Great Man
I need scissors... 61!
Check the back of the box for this answer
Weak bladdered geek
British Clones Disguise
Triple Crossing Foxdie Inventor
Flirty Progress Keeper
Unplug the keyboard to get this one
Big Frickin' Gun
Will he ever die?
Otacons first pathetic crush
Come back in a week
BOMBS!!!.... and roller skates
The Ultimate Switcharoo
The Ultimate Switcharoo's Annoying Girlfriend
Loves eggs, bad at making them
Get the characters from the clues
Shockingly Evil Nuclear Terrorist
The Ultimate Patriot
The Legendary Soldier
Hairy Armpits
60's Femme Fatale
Could be anyone
Heart attack waiting to happen
This arms dealer monkeys around too much
Little Pooey Pants
Fiery Cosmonaut
Take the revival pill
Buzzes off early in Snake Eater
Snake's robotic war buddy
Little sister can't swim
Big Shell Bomb Expert
His irregular heart beats for Romanenko
The Shagohod Creator
Don't be scared of his long tongue

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