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QUIZ: Can you name the Colbert Report's segments?

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A Truthy SynopsisSegment
Stephen honors one of America's many patriotic heroes.
Stephen looks at bizarre news stories at their finest.
Be fearful, Christmas lovers, Stephen presents stories that may just ruin your holiday season.
Stephen faces the only man who is good enough to: himself.
Stephen gives his approval and disapproval of recent events.
Stephen shines the patriotic spotlight on little known heroes.
It's truly an honor for Stephen to present this segment.
Stephen focuses on the recent sports news.
A Truthy SynopsisSegment
Stephen rants about what's on his mind, accompanied by helpful bullet points.
Stephen interviews members of Congress in an awkward manner.
Originally sparked by the story of an escaped monkey in Wisconsin, only the finest monkey escapee news.
Stephen displays products sponsored by Prescott Pharmaceuticals.
Stephen focuses on food and obesity issues.
America is warned by Stephen of bears, robots, and other crucial dangers.
If you've got a fat wallet, a membership and a TV, Stephen displays exclusive and lavish items.

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