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What year was the cement turns added to Martinsville?
When was the last time the 43 car won at Martinsville?
What trees used to be around Martinsville?
What used to be outside turn four at Martinsville?
What company owns the railroad behind Martinsville?
What year did Martinsville go to having one pit road?
What year did Martinsville go from dirt to asphlat?
What kind of candy bar is most associated with Martinsville?
What County is Martinsville in?
What other track is in a county that shares the name of the county Martinsville is in?
When waas Martinsville last repaved?
This car company's only two Martinsville wins came back to back
Who was the last driver to win the pole and Race at Martinsville?
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Who won the first race at Martinsville?
Who was the last driver to win at Martinsville in a Ford?
Who has the most wins at Martinsville?
How many?
What company sponsered races at Martinsville from 1990-1997?
Whose only two DNFs in 1993 came at Martinsville
What shape is Martinsville often refered to as?
Who was the last first time winner at Martinsville?
Who was the first driver to start 25th and win?
Who was the last driver to win the fall race at Charlotte/Lowes and win the championship?
What Highway was used during the Daytona Beach Road Races?
Who was the first driver to win for Jack Roush not named Mark Martin?

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