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Pidgeon toed, rotund, and speccy
Once was fat, and now is thin
Likes to fight old men at rest stops
If you get hit with a peanut at Deepin - he threw it.
Excellent artist, even better drinker
Jeonju's finest magician and most excessive soju pusher
Loves the Hammers and isn't white
Has the world's greatest...sorry...shittest tattoos on his feet
Big nosed turncoat
Slight, polite, and enjoys a bit of bum play
Loves the Toffees and shrill women
Used to look like Bryan May, now is more like Flock of Seagulls
Got married for a holiday - it rained the whole time. Favourite colour is beige.
Fond of head-locking potential threats on the footy pitch
Enjoys a nice glass of scotch...for breakfast.
He's big, he's bad, he loves fishing, ****, and footy

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