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QUIZ: Can you name the capital cities of the provinces of Vietnam?

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ProvinceCapital CityRegion
Tiền GiangMekong River Delta
Thái Bình Red River Delta
Bạc LiêuMekong River Delta
Tuyên QuangNortheast
Nam ĐịnhRed River Delta
Kiên GiangMekong River Delta
Thanh HóaNorth Central Coast
Vĩnh LongMekong River Delta
Đồng NaiSoutheast
Sóc TrăngMekong River Delta
Hải DươngRed River Delta
Sơn LaNorthwest
Hưng YênRed River Delta
Trà VinhMekong River Delta
Bà Rịa–Vũng TàuSoutheast
Gia LaiCentral Highlands
Cà MauMekong River Delta
Khánh HòaSouth Central Coast
Đắk NôngCentral Highlands
Đồng ThápMekong River Delta
ProvinceCapital CityRegion
Quảng NgãiSouth Central Coast
Bình ThuậnSouth Central Coast
Lạng SơnNortheast
Bắc NinhRed River Delta
Phú YênSouth Central Coast
Cao BằngNortheast
Hòa BìnhNorthwest
Đắk LắkCentral Highlands
Lai ChâuNorthwest
Ninh BìnhRed River Delta
Quảng TrịNorth Central Coast
Hà Giang Northeast
Yên BáiNorthwest
Quảng NinhNortheast
Nghệ AnNorth Central Coast
Phú ThọNortheast
Bình DươngSoutheast
Bình PhướcSoutheast
Tây NinhSoutheast
Lào CaiNorthwest
ProvinceCapital CityRegion
An GiangMekong River Delta
Quảng NamSouth Central Coast
Bình ĐịnhSouth Central Coast
Vĩnh PhúcRed River Delta
Long AnMekong River Delta
Lâm ĐồngCentral Highlands
Bắc GiangNortheast
Bến TreMekong River Delta
Hậu GiangMekong River Delta
Kon TumCentral Highlands
Thừa Thiên–HuếNorth Central Coast
Điện BiênNorthwest
Thái NguyênNortheast
Bắc KạnNortheast
Quảng BìnhNorth Central Coast
Ninh ThuậnSouth Central Coast
Hà NamRed River Delta
Hà TĩnhNorth Central Coast

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