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Forced Order
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What if I just spruce up your... duds for you a little bit?
Exile... I guess technically I'd have to move away to live in exile. Where would I go? And what would I pack? Oh, it's going to take me forever to do all of that packing.
Okay, sure. Why not? Since you're up for it and all. Just don't make them too... froufrou-y.
Making sure we make a good appearance
Piece by piece, snip by snip/Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip/Thread by thread, primmed and pressed/Yard by yard, never stressed/And that's the art of the dress!
Mine's just not as cool as I was imagining. She asked.
Hello... Oh, this can't be the same designer.
Oh, Opal, of course you can help me. Thank you. What's that? You want to help me more! Oh, aren't you the sweetest thing? Careful now. Don't move. This shouldn't take long at all.
I want to wallow in... whatever it is that ponies are supposed to wallow in! Do ponies wallow in pity? Oh, listen to me, I don't even know what I'm supposed to wallow in!
Even if you simply have to fudge it
All we ever want is indecision
Well, that makes sense. Since this is a dressmaker's shop and all.
Oh, those amateurish designs look like a piled-on mishmash of everything but a kitchen sink! It's a travesty, it's what it is.
All we really like is what we know
That constellation is Canis Major, not Minor.
The shape's fine, just make the whole thing... you know, cooler. It needs to be about 20% cooler.
Gotta balance style with adherence
In other words, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Hoity Toity? He's coming here? To see THESE dresses?
All right! Since you really wanna know... [inhales] The armscye's tight, the middy collar doesn't go with the shawl lapel, the hems are clearly machine-stitched, (etc.)
You're my friends and I want you to be 110% satisfied.
What if it rains? Galoshes!
Don't you think my gown would be more 'me' with some lollipops?
Come on out and take a bow, Rarity. You worked really hard for this. Yes! Alright, woohoo! Go, Rarity!
She'll become a crazy cat lady!

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