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QUIZ: Can you name the My Little Pony character by the quote from the episode 'Look Before You Sleep'?

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Forced Order
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You and Applejack should totally sleep over! We'll have a slumber party! I've always wanted one of those.
What say we go our separate ways before one of us says something she will regret?
I hope you're happy, both of you. You've ruined my very first slumber party.
Don't y'all care about nothin' other than prettifyin'?
Y'all wouldn't know useful if it came up and bit'cha.
Fortunately, I can get along with any pony, no matter how difficult she may be.
We could have been having fun like this all along.
I am not at all interested in participating in something so crude. Oh! It! Is! On!
Is inside a tree really the best place to be in a lightning storm?
I prefer not to get my hooves muddy.
I have to make the bed again so the blanket will be right. Get up.
We'll do everything by the book, and that will make my slumber party officially fun.
It is a ghost story, they're all made up.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Geronimo!
I simply cannot imagine why the Pegasus ponies would schedule a dreadful downpour this evening and ruin what could have been a glorious sunny day.
If you embrace each other's differences, you'd just might be surprised to discover a way to be friends after all.
I mean, yes, ickiness is often a side effect of hard work.
Oh, pretty! Where did these come from? They're not in the book either.
There is just no pleasin' ya, is there? Everything's got to be just so.
Sorry for being such a pain in the patootie.
We're giving each other makeovers! Eee-hee! We have to do it, it says so in the book.
...and just when the last pony thought she was safe, there, standing right behind her, just inches away was -- The Headless Horse!
And I think the truth is some pony oughta quit with her fussin' so the rest of us can get things done.

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