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Can you name the causes of death of the selected Coronation Street characters?

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charactercause of deathdate of death
Steve Tanner28 September 1968
Jack Walker30 June 1970
Valerie Barlow27 January 1971
Cyril Turpin25 February 1974
Janet Barlow21 February 1977
Ernest Bishop11 January 1978
Archie Crabtree18 May 1983
Albert Tatlock14 May 1984
Stan Ogden21 November 1984
Brian Tilsley15 February 1989
Alan Bradley8 December 1989
Samir Rachid31 May 1995
Ivy Brennan23 August 1995
Derek Wilton7 April 1997
Don Brennan8 October 1997
Alf Roberts1 January 1999
Tony Horrocks4 February 1999
Judy Mallett24 September 1999
charactercause of deathdate of death
Jez Quigley15 September 2000
Alma Baldwin17 June 2001
Maxine Peacock13 January 2003
Richard Hillman12 March 2003
Tommy Harris4 March 2005
Ray Langton10 April 2005
Katy Harris20 April 2005
Mike Baldwin7 April 2006
Fred Elliott10 October 2006
Charlie Stubbs15 January 2007
Paul Connor8 June 2007
Vera Duckworth18 January 2008
Lucy Barlow2 October 2008
Liam Connor17 October 2008
Colin Grimshaw18 May 2009
Ramsay Clegg31 August 2009
Joe McIntyre8 February 2010
Blanche Hunt3 May 2010

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