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Can you name the add-ons for The Plague in Dead By Daylight

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A cylindrical seal made from porous stone that displays a ritualistic scene with winged deities.Common
A bitterly pungent paste of crushed roots, which were marinated in fish brine for three days and in wine for two. Applied on skin rashes.Common
A fragmented stone tablet with a corrupted incantation originally used to purge illness and feelings of general malaise.Common
Precious resin extracted from Boswellia trees, used during ceremonies for their sweet citrusy fragrance.Common
A mustard-water based syrup that induces vomiting when consumed. Used to purge evil from the body.Uncommon
A frothing, murky liquid that permeates the air with an acute aroma of herbs and alcohol. Applied directly on blisters.Uncommon
A perfectly ripe fruit to break fast during the purification ceremony. Delicious.Uncommon
A soapstone amulet crudely engraved with a winged deity that wards off sickness. Fills the water with devotion.Uncommon
A cylindrical seal forged from a metallic hard-stone, engraved with bird-headed beings next to strange machines. Used as a container for sanctified ashes.Uncommon
An obsidian amulet to ward off sickness during exorcism rituals. Inscribed with a prayer to the God of Mayhem and Pestilence. Fills the wearer with fierce devotion.Rare
A disgusting syrup of unknown origin. The thick yellow liquid is consumed to induce vomiting. Used to purge evil from the body.Rare
A peeled apple rolled into sanctified ashes. Eating such a fruit warded off the malignantly envious spirits of the deceased. Rare
A dark waxy paste, laced with cedar soap that diffuses a sweet and earthly aroma. Applied directly on infected skin.Rare
A beaker of rubbing oil with expectorant quality. Exudes the evergreen scent of laurel and rosemary.Rare
A foul-smelling and half-congealed potion of unidentifiable ingredients. Consumed to rapidly induce vomiting. Used to purge evil from the body.Very Rare
A bloodstone amulet carved intricately with the effigy of the Babylonian God of Mayhem and Pestilence. Fills the wearer with boundless devotion.Very Rare
The decaying severed toe of Adiris, weaved on a thread and worn as an amulet around the neck. Radiates with vile power.Very Rare
A stone tablet adorned with gold, showing the drawings and writings of a corrupted incantation used originally to worship forgotten deities.Very Rare
A dark paste made from sharp osseous shavings. The inhaling of its foul fumes sharpens the mind's eye.Ultra Rare
A translucent cylindrical seal molded from the Fog itself with the effigy of The Plague. Its surface is warm and pulsates with The Entity's power.Ultra Rare

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