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What someone says
Out of the _____ and into the trucks!
This is madness and you tell me the _____ is worse!?
Steady comrades, defeat your fear and the _____ will be easy.
_______ get down!
Keep your _____ down!
Incoming Stuka! He's coming _______.
Are you alright? Snap out of it and find a ____.
Thank god they've _______.
For now. Next, they ______.
Steady _________!
Hold your ____!
Machine ____!
Machine guns ______!
There they are, ____!
Get your _______ and find a spot!
Quick staling! Keep ______!
Make Mother ______ proud comrade.
______! Elefant Tanks!
Go out there and plant your ______ on them!
You men! Provide _______ fire!
Meet back at the _______ when you are done.
What someone says
Well done comrades, but we are not ________.
The _______ are moving through village trying to flank us.
We have been ordered to _______ them out!
____________ take them out!
He's pinned down _____ them out!
Move forward! No ______!
Don't _____ back!
Move _________!
____________ are on their way!
Sucure the _________!
And ________ is ours!
________! Take cover!
Use the ___!
Comrades! Today you have achieved great ______!
Because of your courage and ________!
The ________ army has been driven back.
And the city of ________ is once again ours!
From this ____ Forward!
We will not take another _____ back,
Until this ____ is won!
_______ on!
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