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Can You Name These Superhero Aliases?

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Iron Knight, Armored Avenger, Iron Avenger
Annihilator, Green Goliath, Mr. Green
God Of Thunder, Longbeards Son, The Thunderer, Storm God
The First Avenger, Nomad, Sentinel Of Liberty
Ronin, Golden Archer, Father Time
Webhead, Web-Slinger, Wall-Crawler
Weapon X, Patch, Logan
Lord Of The Seven Seas, Emperor Of The Deep, Avenging Son
Agile Avenger, Blue, Golden Armed Boy
Power Man, Hero For Hire, Ace Of Spades
Man Without Fear, Hornhead, Kingpin Of Hell's Kitchen
Agent 19, Huntress, Shooting Star
Sky-Rider Of The Spaceways, Sentinel Of The Spaceways, Chrome Dome
Crescent Crusader, Sheet Face, Crescent Wrench
Marvel Boy, Star Knight, Protector Of The Universe
Dark Knight, Caped Crusader, World's Greatest Detective
Man Of Steel, God Of Strength, The Last Son Of Krypton
Princess Diana, Miss America, Goddess Of Truth
Ulthoon, Tornado Champion, Unit 1.3
Molder, Big Shot, Strechable Sleuth
Silent Knight, The Birdman, Dragon Of Barbatos
Ring Slinger, The Spectre, God Of Light
John Jones, Mister Biscuits, The Pearl
Birdwatcher, Agent 37, Son Of Gotham
Wingman, Red Him, The Outlaw
Black Gold, Supernova, Goldstar
Astral Avenger, Aztar, Ghostly Guardian
Bug-Butt, Bug Boy, Hombre
Dearly Departed Detective, Wandering Spirit, Boston Brand
The Nuclear Man, Matchstick, Flamebrain

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