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Can you name the My Little Pony Characters?

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Cutie MarkPonyQuick Description
SunSun Princess
MoonMoon Princess
Crystal heart + gold lacePink Princess
Compass RosePrince of Equestria
Three ApplesOrange, Apple Farmer
Three BaloonsBright Pink
Three ButterfliesYellow, Pink Mane
A cloud and a RainbowCyan/Blue, Rainbow Mane
Three GemsWhite, Purple Mane
Large star surrounded by Five othersLavender/Purple, Alicorn
A wand and a moonTravelling magician
Three FlowersDeep purple mare, teacher
BubblesGrey pegasus mare
CarrotsOrange, is a carrot farmer
Backwards double quaverWhite DJ with blue mane
Treble ClefGrey earth pony
LyreTurquoise unicorn mare
Three pieces of candyBeige mare, Pink and Blue mane
HourglassBrown 'time lord'
FlowerWhite mare, Green/Pink mane
HourglassToothpaste coloured unicorn
Medical CrossWhite with pink mane
Cutie MarkPonyQuick Description
NoneYellow, Young Filly
NoneOrange, Young Filly
NoneWhite, Young Filly
NoneYoung spotted colt
NoneBrown filly
CrownPink and Purple bully
Silver SpoonDiamond Tiara's Companion
FeatherYoung colt
Two Candy CanesYoung Filly
Scissors and SnailTwo young colts
NoneSon and daughter of the Cakes
Large Green AppleRed, Stallion
One Red AppleYellow, lives in Appleloosa
Three HorseshoesYellow stallion with Brown mane
Three CakesYellow stallion, works at Sugarcube Corner
Three CupcakesCyan mare, works at Sugarcube Corner
Three bags of moneyBrown stallion
Apple PieOldest apple family member
Golden TrophyEquestria Games Inspector
ScrollMayor of Ponyville
RoosterBeige mare with Green mane
Unknown/Same as Twilight SparkleFashion photographer
Cutie MarkPonyQuick Description
UnknownPop star
Compass roseSpinoff of Indiana Jones
Lightning Bolt and Three StarsTurquoise Pegasus Mare
Yellow lightning bolt with wingsLight blue wonderbolt
Pheonix/Lightning BoltFire orange wonderbolt
Three crownsWhite noble unicorn
Apple slicesTwo scammers
DonutDoughnut cook
OrangesFormal Manehattan Dwellers
Hammer & RocksPinkie's Father and Mother
FootballsRarity's Father and Mother
Two FlowersWorks at spa
Two CherriesPink, yellow mane
Two CherriesCherry Farmer
Rose, Lily and Daisy'The Flower Trio'
UnknownLight Yellow-Beige
Stamp with heart on itMailpony, brown, curly mane
Screw and BaseballPurple mare, 'discord's daughter'
RainbowPurple Background Pony
Lightning Bolt coming from cloudBlack pegasus stallion
Three brilliant cut diamondsPurple unicorn, appears next to Lyra

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