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Spongebob QuizSpongebob Answer
What color is Spongebob
Who is Spongebobs Best Friend
Who is Squidward
What is Squidward
What color are Patricks Eyelids
What what is one thing the Krusty Krab was before a restaurant
How many points are on Mr Krabs hands
How many holes does Spongebob have (even ones you cant see)
How many times does the theme song say Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob QuizSpongebob Answer
How many dots does Squidward have on his head visible normaly
How many bumps does Mr Krabs have on his nose (up and down)
In 'The Googly Artiste' Who was the first artist
How many dots are on Patrick's body
How many dots are around Sandy's Neck
How many dots are on Mrs Puffs body
How many lines are on pearls neck
How many dots are on Gary's shell

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